Combi Oven

Cleaning & Maintenance Procedures

Convection, Steam, & Combination

Maintaining the Most Versatile Piece of Equipment in the Commercial Kitchen

A combi oven does a lot of the heavy lifting in a commercial kitchen from steaming to convection. It’s critical to maintain it according to OEM specifications to protect operational efficiency.

Cleaning Recommendations

Clean and maintain your unit according to OEM specification which may differ from the steps or frequency outlined below. Using the wrong chemicals to clean the inside of a combi oven can destroy the interior surface of the oven.

ALWAYS allow the oven to cool before cleaning. NEVER use harsh, high-alcohol, chlorine, chlorinated, or abrasive cleaning agents, scrapers or other coarse materials to clean the combi oven. DO NOT use steel wool on stainless steel surfaces. Check the date on the water filter regularly.

All personnel involved in cleaning kitchen equipment are required to wear the following safety equipment: chemical splash goggles, impervious gloves.

Daily Recommendations

  1. Rinse the steam generator daily with an automatic or manual rinsing process.
  2. Remove discolorations on the surface of the oven chamber with OEM recommended cleaning agent and wipe off with a soft cloth or sponge.
  3. Clean the suction plate/fan guard and fan area behind the suction.
  4. Using a nonabrasive cleaner and soft cloth, clean the interior of the glass doors.
  5. Clean the door gasket with a mild, scent-free dish detergent and soft cloth. Let the gasket air dry.
  6. Remove food residue and drippings from the tray and outflow in oven chamber.
  7. Spray cleaning agent on the tray and outflow, allow to take effect and rinse thoroughly with a hand shower.
  8. Remove white water deposits inside the oven chamber with vinegar and a soft cloth.

Monthly Recommendations

  1. Steam generators should be descaled at least once a month.
  2. Delime the interior chamber components with OEM recommended cleaners.

Note: A water treatment system should be installed to avoid serious scale buildup.


Tips & Troubleshooting

If the unit is not working properly, check:

  1. Gas
    • Do a double-check to ensure the gas is turned to the ON position.
    • Check the gas hose for connection to make sure they are fully seated.
  2. Electrical supply
    • Verify the unit it plugged in
  3. Breaker
    • Make sure the breaker is turned on
    • If tripped, place a service call to help determine why.
  4. Water filter
    • Is the water filter blocked or expired?

The Importance of Water Filtration

The water filtration system in your combi oven helps:

  • Keep heating elements scale free
  • Reduce downtime and energy consumption
  • Mitigate heating element burnout
  • Minimize corrosion and pitting caused by chlorine in the water

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