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Our trained technicians have the knowledge and understanding of food service equipment repair and technology.

What is the single most important ingredient in commercial kitchen equipment care? Insight. Insight is what determines when you repair, and when you replace commercial cooking equipment. We help you determine whether to invest in a food service equipment upgrade, or if a fast fix will suffice. Actionable insights are ultimately what help us assure first time fixes and improve your foodservice equipment’s up-time, your total operating costs, and the safety and quality of your food.

Smart Care blends excellent customer service, in-depth know-how and technology to guide commercial kitchen equipment preventive maintenance and emergency repair. You can finally understand everything your kitchen equipment is trying to say, at any given moment. So, your kitchen is always ready to serve.

Discover what 45,000 kitchens across America already know. It’s time to get smart with Smart Care.


Smart Care starts with smart people. Want to join Smart Care?

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Although Smart Care doesn’t have a dedicated service technician in your area, we may have a network provider that can help.

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