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One Kitchen at a Time

41 million
Americans are food insecure
12 million+
are children

Community Kitchens

With over 40 million food insecure individuals in the U.S., 12 million being children, it’s critical for non-profit community kitchens to have access to the tools and resources that will help them meet the needs of community members. Through partnerships with local non-profit community kitchens with limited access to corporate sponsorship and fundraising, our technicians, whose talents go well beyond equipment repair, serve as both technician and consultant to mitigate unnecessary equipment spend and downtime. These local partnerships allow resources that would have otherwise gone towards kitchen equipment maintenance and repair costs to be allocated elsewhere – food, clothing, hygiene products – ensuring the kitchen is always ready to serve local community members in need.

We ensure every kitchen in America is ready to serveespecially the ones that need it most: our community kitchens.

1 in 6
children may not know where their next meal will come from
of the global population lives on less than $1.25 per day

Current Community Kitchen Partnerships

A pathway to sustainable and independent housing for homeless women and families.

Meet the local team helping out at Dakota Woodlands.

To see every man, woman, and child we serve equipped to be productive citizens who enjoy lasting success

Meet the local team helping out at Wheeler Mission.

"The techs, Eric and Josh, were absolutely amazing! It was apparent that safety and customer service was their first priority!  Very impressive to associate with this level of professionalism and special care.  It just makes our day a bit brighter!”
Operations Director at Dakota Woodlands
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