MyTech® - Dedicated Technicians for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair

With a MyTech program, you get peace of mind that your commercial kitchen appliance will be maintained and run at peak performance. Your dedicated technician will maintain your appliances to protect factory warranties and prevent breakdowns.

Time-based, Personalized Reliable Service

Dedicated technicians that provide excellent customer service and maintenance to avoid and minimize emergency service calls.

With Smart Care’s MyTech program, you get a dedicated technician for your business for a specific block of time. Your dedicated technician will know your kitchen, appliances and foodservice equipment inside and out. You have the freedom to determine the visit frequency and assign work priorities and tasks such as repair, calibration, Planned Maintenance, and much more.

The MyTech® program is ideal for kitchens with onsite personnel who are able to direct tasks and for kitchens that require regular maintenance or emergency repair services. The MyTech program not only saves you time and money, it also:

  • Provides peace of mind that commercial kitchen equipment repairs are addressed quickly and correctly
  • Helps prevent and protect against unexpected breakdowns
  • Dedicated technicians share their knowledge about proper cleaning and maintenance to help prolong the life of your commercial equipment

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Skilled technicians
9 years
average tech experience
hours of technician training annually

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