preventative maintenance:

how often should kitchen equipment maintenance be scheduled?

Avoid issues that can affect critical equipment and result in downtime or worse. Preventative maintenance can keep your commercial kitchen, HVAC, and refrigeration equipment running at peak performance and efficiency to extend equipment life, ensure food & employee safety, and save energy.

ovens should receive maintenance semi-annually to help prevent breakdowns and malfunctions of the thermostat and heating elements.

fryers should be boiled out weekly, but deeper cleaning and inspection of fryer components are recommended semi-annually.

grills should be cleaned after every use, but semi-annual preventative maintenance will maximize their performance and extend lifespan.

combi ovens require quarterly maintenance to thoroughly inspect the boiler and heating elements for signs of leakage or damage.

dish machines should receive maintenance semi-annually or quarterly to inspect wiring, heating elements and the motor to extend lifespan.

walk-ins should be inspected quarterly for proper amperage draw, clear evaporator coils and proper condenser motor operation.

reach-ins require quarterly maintenance to ensure proper air flow and avoid ice build-up.

ice machines are known to host harmful bacteria such as biofilm. Quarterly maintenance is key to maximizing efficiency and cleanliness.

hvac system maintenance should be performed annually to help avoid unit breakdowns and costly repairs.

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