Smart Care Awarded BuildOps Transformation of the Year

Deanna Dicristo November 27, 2023

BuildOps, an all-in-one field service and project management platform, recently presented Smart Care with the Transformation of the Year award at the BuildOps Forge Annual Conference in Huntington Beach, California.

The BuildOps Transformation of the Year Award celebrates companies that have made remarkable strides in revolutionizing their operations through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and innovative practices. This award acknowledges companies that have onboarded a significant number of users onto the platform, radically transformed their workflows, and made significant progress in their adoption of BuildOps.

Over the past year, Smart Care has partnered with BuildOps to implement and integrate eight of its operating companies into the platform and has made BuildOps the source of truth for data analysis across those businesses.

“These amazing accomplishments were achieved through dedication, a lot of hard work, and an unwavering commitment to BuildOps,” said Christian Anderson, SVP of Revenue at BuildOps.

Deb Yerkes, Service Operations Leader at Smart Care, shared how BuildOps helped the business to re-work the onboarding strategy and take companies from pen and paper to the BuildOps platform. “With BuildOps, we were able to condense all spreadsheets, service tickets, and anything we did manually and put it all into one package that we operate in every single day,” said Yerkes.

Through transformation of workflows, Smart Care was able to identify and address bottlenecks and inefficiencies in business processes, paving the way for innovative solutions. By leveraging BuildOps’ capabilities to enhance communication, collaboration and efficiency, Smart Care has witnessed an exceptional change within the business.

“As we bring more operating companies on and do more national work for customers, it’s critical that we have an enterprise-wide integrated platform. BuildOps provides us with a platform that will scale as we continue to grow,” said Michael Ubriaco, Project Operations Leader at Smart Care.

The collective efforts of Deb Yerkes and Michael Ubriaco, along with their teams, propelled Smart Care toward this remarkable achievement.

“The people working at the Smart Care operating companies, from the General Managers to the Accounting Managers, the support staff and the Technicians, they really deserve this award and have worked their tails off to make the BuildOps implementation a success,” said Yerkes.

The recognition as the BuildOps Transformation of the Year is not just an accolade to Smart Care, but a testament to the unwavering dedication to operational excellence displayed by each of its operating companies who have adopted the platform.

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