How to Clean a Combi Oven

Deanna Dicristo June 10, 2019

Regular cleaning of  commercial kitchen equipment helps ensure proper unit operation. Below are recommendations for cleaning a combi oven.

For protection, all personnel involved in cleaning commercial kitchen equipment need to wear chemical splash goggles and impervious gloves.


ALWAYS allow the oven to cool before cleaning. NEVER use harsh, high-alcohol, chlorine, chlorinated, or abrasive cleaning agents, scrapers or other coarse materials on a combi oven. DO NOT use steel wool on stainless steel surfaces.

Daily Cleaning

  1. Rinse the steam generator with an automatic or manual rinsing process.
  2. Remove surface discolorations from the oven chamber with an OEM recommended cleaning agent. Wipe off the cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge.
  3. Clean the suction plate/fan guard and the fan area behind the suction plate.
  4. The interior of the glass doors should be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleaner and soft cloth.
  5. Next, clean the door gasket with a mild, scent-free dish detergent and soft cloth. Let the gasket air dry.
  6. Remove food residue and drippings from the tray and outflow in the oven chamber.
  7. Spray an OEM recommended cleaning agent on the tray and outflow. Once it has taken effect, rinse thoroughly with a hand shower.
  8. Remove white water deposits from the inside of the oven chamber with vinegar and a soft cloth.

Monthly Cleaning

  1. Descale the steam generators at least once per month.
    • A water treatment system should be installed to avoid serious scale buildup.
  2. Delime the interior chamber components with an OEM recommended cleaner.
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