Smart Care Honored with Field Service 2024 Best-In-Class Award for Best AI Use Case and Implementation

Andrea Lorenzo May 22, 2024

Smart Care, the largest provider of comprehensive commercial mechanical services, including hot and cold-side foodservice equipment, HVAC, stand-alone refrigeration, complex rack refrigeration, and specialty coffee and beverage, has been recognized with the prestigious Field Service 2024 Best-In-Class Award for Best AI Use Case and Implementation. The award, announced at the Field Service Conference held on May 7, 2024 in Palm Springs, CA, recognizes Smart Care’s outstanding achievement in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) through Lytx’s video telematics solution to dramatically improve its operational efficiency and technician safety. 

Faced with developing an innovative fleet safety program, Smart Care embarked on a transformative journey with Lytx in 2023. By integrating Lytx’s cutting-edge Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence (MV+AI) technology, Smart Care enhanced the safety of its fleet and saw significant gains in operational efficiency.  

Lytx’s solution was pivotal in interpreting real-time data to detect risky driving behaviors. This approach allowed for in-cab audio alerts combined with effective coaching and safer dispatching of technicians — optimizing Smart Care’s fleet utilization from 65% to an impressive 80%. Moreover, Smart Care observed a notable improvement in safe driving conduct as distracted driving dropped by a substantial 59%. Using Lytx technology, Smart Care could anticipate where vehicles needed to be for scheduled or emergency calls and which technician needed to be dispatched depending on expertise. 

“Lytx has made a positive impact on my driving,” says Trelin Wright, Lead Service Technician.  “I now take turns slowly and increase my following distance to the cars in front of me. I watch my speed and I am more aware of my braking when I am slowing down to a complete stop, making me a safer driver.” 

The results speak volumes, with Smart Care not only achieving a remarkable improvement in utilization rates but also witnessing a significant decrease in risky driving behaviors and collisions. These changes underscored the company’s dual focus on efficiency and safety. This award is a testament to Smart Care’s commitment to leveraging technology to better serve our customers and ensure the safety of our team members.  

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