Dealing with the Skilled Trade Deficit

Deanna Dicristo November 18, 2022

The new reality of worker shortages 

Nearly every industry today is faced with challenges in attracting, training and retaining skilled talent in this tight labor market. According to a September 2022 article in the Washington Post, the U.S. has only 6 million unemployed workers to fulfill more than 11 million job openings. For those companies in the service sector, that talent – be it repair and maintenance technicians, cooks, servers, flight attendants and more – is critical to the viability and growth of a business.

In the Fall 2022 edition of the CFESA Insider, Gyner Ozgul, President and Chief Operating Officer of Smart Care Equipment Solutions, offers his perspective on the labor shortage facing our service industry – specifically, the technician deficit – along with the resulting realistic implications and where we go from here.

Read the CFESA Insider article here.



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