Community Care Program: Lending a Hand to Spread Hope

Andrea Lorenzo October 26, 2023

The Smart Care Community Care team in Indianapolis teamed up last week to support Hope Center Indy, an organization dedicated to the recovery and safe reintegration of women into the community.

Twelve volunteers visited the Hope Center in Indianapolis, IN this week to lend a helping hand. The team worked to wash down walls, mop the floors, and organize and stock the shelves in the kitchen and supply rooms. Each quarter, the Smart Care Community Care team visits the Hope Center to help out in the pantry.

“The Hope Center was very excited that we were able to tackle all of the projects they had on their to-do list,” said Kathy Pagan, Community Care Coordinator at Smart Care. “To know that we are making a difference in the community makes my heart smile. Teamwork truly makes the dream work.”

Learn more about Smart Care’s Community Care Program here.

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