Community Care Program: Helping Those in Need at Thanksgiving

Deanna Dicristo November 18, 2022

Answering the call for help

Recently, one of our Community Care Partners reached out to us asking for help in fulfilling their commitment to serve people in need in their community. Renewal Neighborhood Ministry in Indianapolis faced a shortfall in the number of Thanksgiving food bags required to serve families of their neighborhood school.

Renewal asked our Smart Care team members in the Indianapolis area to contribute 20 bags to make a dent in the shortage. And in just a few days, we had committed to 50 – resolving the shortfall entirely. Through a combination of the food and money donations, Renewal was able to redistribute the food in order to feed 15 large families of 8 or more persons from the neighborhood school, and an additional 20 families in the community who were in need.


Making an impact

Through Smart Care’s collaboration and support of Renewal’s Thanksgiving Bags project, they were able to deliver on their commitment to serve.

I cannot tell you how much of an impact this makes on our ministry.  It would have been embarrassing (and totally defeated the purpose of the project!) if we could not have come up with enough bags for everyone we had committed to serve or if we sent bags home with families that were too small to really meet the needs of those families.  You have helped us avoid both of those results.  But in addition, you have enabled us to be a blessing to families we honestly had not even considered serving through this project. You’ve not only supported this project — you expanded it!”  –  Mike Wilkins, Renewal Neighborhood Ministry, Indianapolis

Thanks to Renewal and to Smart Care’s Indy area team members for their generosity in doing good, and doing good work.

Learn more about Smart Care’s Community Care Program here.

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