Community Care Program: Helping One Family at a Time

Deanna Dicristo January 2, 2023

How can we help?

The team members of Superior Service, a Smart Care company, wanted to do something special over the holidays. So they asked “how can we help?” And they did.

They reached out to Higher Ground, a youth and family services organization in Anaheim, CA, to see what they could do for any families in need at Christmas. After polling the Superior team, they decided to sponsor one large family in need. The team collected money, purchased gifts, wrapped them together, and provided them to Jaime Coyle, the Assistant Director at Higher Ground, who distributed the gifts to the family.

The [ ] family is so grateful! The children ran all the way from their apartment down the street to get their gifts!”, said Coyle. “When they saw that there was more than one bag per person, their eyes got big and one of them said reverently, ‘we get TWO presents?’ The boys gathered around the one big present, a Nintendo Switch, shook it and sniffed it and weighed it – all trying to guess what it was – for over 20 minutes. The littlest girl took a small peek inside her bag and said with a big smile on her face, ‘I think it’s a stuffed animal! I’ve always wanted one of those!’ Our greatest achievement was the smile on the oldest girl’s face…when she saw her ukelele. The mother was blown away by the generosity and the gift card.  Thank you all SO MUCH for your generosity. Because of you, a family is clothed, has socks and shoes, will be warm snuggled in their blankets, and have fun gifts and food at Christmas.

Special thanks to Higher Ground and to our Anaheim area Smart Care team members for taking it upon themselves to ask the question “how can we help?” and for making a difference.

Learn more about Smart Care’s Community Care Program here.

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