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These are trying times. The world looks very different today than it did just one, two or even three months ago. And, we understand that it has been a particularly challenging time for those of you working in healthcare. We’re here to support you and your kitchen equipment needs so you can focus on your guests, team and business operations.

Below are ways we can help keep your commercial kitchen equipment operating safely and efficiently while protecting patients, employees and food safety.

We find food safety concerns during 30% of our PM Visits*

Unmatched Kitchen Equipment Services for Healthcare

Healthcare Expertise

Our technicians have the expertise and know-how to keep your healthcare kitchen equipment up and running.

  • 100,000+ assets at 8,000+ healthcare facilities in three years
  • 315+ technicians averaging nine years experience
  • Ongoing OEM training at our National Training Kitchen

Patient & Food Safety

Our fast, dependable service offerings include a Planned Maintenance program designed to protect patient and food safety.

  • Step-by-step Planned Maintenance protocols
  • Protocols meet or exceed OEM recommendations
  • Documentation of corrective actions to support accreditation

Reporting & Insights

Our technology, data and reporting help protect patients, staff, equipment and accreditation efforts.

  • Mobile data capture for each asset, every time
  • Documented service and maintenance history for all equipment
Protect Patient, Guest & Food Safety
with Planned Maintenance

Our Planned Maintenance (PM) program goes beyond visual checks to help protect patient, guest and food safety. Every PM includes customized, dynamic, step-by-step maintenance protocol to ensure inspection of all critical equipment components — everywhere, every time.

Ice Machines - Infection Control Risks

Our ice machine PMs include full cleaning and sanitizing of all ice and water contact surfaces and components using an EPA registered sanitizer to help protect food safety and mitigate risk of waterborne pathogens.

Learn More about the benefits of ice machine planned maintenance and brands we service.

Ice machine cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

Refrigeration Equipment

Worn gaskets and dirty or damaged condenser coils have adverse effects on refrigeration temping which puts food safety at risk. As part of our PM protocol, our technicians clean condenser coils, check gasket condition, ensure snug connections and proper motor operation to help protect food safety, improve energy efficiency and extend equipment life.

Learn more about the benefits of planned maintenance for reach-in coolers and freezers as well as the brands we service.

Refrigeration equipment cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

*Based on 110,000+ PM events completed by Smart Care during 2019 and 2020.

Looking for More Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance Recommendations?

HACCP & Accreditation Support

Our PM reports help demonstrate your organization’s ongoing commitment to maintaining The Joint Commission’s highest level of safety and quality standards. Our reporting showcases your effort to properly maintain equipment and provides documentation of the corrective actions taken to protect proper equipment operation.

Smart Care customizes a proactive maintenance plan for your critical equipment with a focus on food safety.
Our technicians digitally capture critical findings for every maintenance step on each pieces of equipment.
We email a detailed service report after every PM to help you document critical control points, risks mitigated, and corrective actions taken.


Our Detailed Planned Maintenance Reporting

Sample PM Summary Report

Detailed Planned Maintenance reporting provides visibility to corrective actions taken during the Planned Maintenance visit and items needing additional attention.

Protect Patient, Guest & Food Safety with Planned Maintenance

*Based on our 2019 and 2020 PM service data

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