Keeping Your Ice Clean As a business owner who uses commercial kitchen equipment, you know equipment can be expensive. Ice makers can be one of those expensive pieces of equipment. As such, you want to care for them to ensure the longest lifespan possible. One common thought that crosses the mind of a commercial ice...

How to Clean a Combi Oven

June 10, 2019 | Smart Care team
Regular cleaning of  commercial kitchen equipment helps ensure proper unit operation.  Below are recommendations for cleaning a combi oven. For protection, all personnel involved in cleaning commercial kitchen equipment need to wear chemical splash goggles and impervious gloves. ALWAYS allow the oven to cool before cleaning. NEVER use harsh, high-alcohol, chlorine, chlorinated, or abrasive cleaning...

The Importance of Clean Condenser Coils

May 30, 2019 | Smart Care team
Clean condenser coils are very important for proper operation of all refrigeration equipment. They keep refrigeration units operating cool, which is important for compressors to operate efficiently and allows the unit to maintain proper food temperature. Condenser coils that are not cleaned regularly will cause the compressor to overheat which then creates higher temperatures in...

Tips for Replacing C-Frame Motors

May 14, 2019 | Smart Care team
C-Frame motors are used for many applications in our industry including cooling fans, toaster conveyor belts and refrigeration air movement. Here are a few important tips to understand when replacing these motors. 1 – The motor’s output power is derived from the thickness of the frame itself. The thicker frame means higher power, so a...
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