Tips for Replacing C-Frame Motors

May 14, 2019 | Smart Care team
C-Frame motors are used for many applications in our industry including cooling fans, toaster conveyor belts and refrigeration air movement. Here are a few important tips to understand when replacing these motors. 1 – The motor’s output power is derived from the thickness of the frame itself. The thicker frame means higher power, so a...
Those in the foodservice industry knows that keeping up with the rush at the busiest times is crucial. There is no time for down cooking equipment, especially a commercial oven. When your commercial oven is not maintaining temperature, it can result in dissatisfied and practically stop business completely. There are a few reasons why an...
commercial refrigeration equipment
Commercial Refrigerator Issues In a commercial kitchen, a refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment. As such, when the refrigerator is having issues cooling it can cause problems for production, business owners, and customers. At Smart Care Equipment Solutions, we understand its importance, and we are here to help! Believe it or not, a refrigerator...

Ice Machines: Taste, Food Safety & Maintenance

February 6, 2019 | Smart Care team
As a restaurant operator, how often do you think about your ice? It has the highest use in a restaurant, yet with all the daily challenges in a restaurant operation, it’s very easy to overlook. Here’s a quick, but not all inclusive, test: 1. Ask your managers when the last time the machine was cleaned and sanitized....
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