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Ice is Food

Maintaining a clean commercial ice machine not only helps prevent the growth of bacteria and slime build-up, it can also improve ice production and taste. Additionally, FDA regulations require ice machines to be cleaned and sanitized according to the OEM specifications which is often 2-4 times per year.*

Cleaning Recommendations

Depending on the location of the ice machine and OEM specifications, more frequent cleanings, or different procedures than those listed below, may be required.

All personnel involved in cleaning kitchen equipment are required to wear the following safety equipment: chemical splash goggles, impervious gloves.

Weekly Recommendations

  1. Wipe the exterior occasionally with a clean and soft cloth. To wipe off oil and/or dirt buildup, use a damp cloth containing a neutral cleaner.
  2. Keep the scoop clean using a neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly.

Monthly Recommendations

  1. Check the condenser filter at least once a month. When the filter is clogged, clean using warm water and a neutral cleaner.

NOTE: The condenser air filter removes dirt or dust from the air, and keeps the condenser from getting clogged. As the filter becomes clogged, the ice maker’s performance will be reduced.

Six-Month Recommendations

  1. Before removing the ice from the bin, wash your hands. Then, use the plastic ice scoop to empty the ice bin.
  2. After removing the ice, sanitize the bin liner using a neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly.

NOTE: The storage bin is for ice only. Do not store anything else, including the scoop, in the ice bin.

Tips & Troubleshooting

If ice production is low or slow, check:

  1. Water pressure
    • Low water pressure or flow can be caused by a blocked water filter
  2. Temperature of incoming water
    • The temperature should be 50F or cooler
  3. Date on the water filter
    • If older than six months, replace it
  4. Space around the ice machine
    • Adequate between the ice machine and other units or objects allows for proper air flow and  function

If the above items checkout, call a professional technician to troubleshoot.

Water Filtration

The water filter and filtration system help protect ice quality and prevent scale buildup.

Each water system is designed to address unique water quality concerns. Water quality varies by geography so it’s best to test water quality at the site to determine which treatment system is the best fit for the facility.

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