Commercial Microwave Oven

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning Recommendations

Always clean and maintain your unit according to OEM specification which may differ from the steps or frequency outlined below.


If unit is a high speed combination convection and microwave oven, ALWAYS switch off at the electrical supply and allow unit to cool for at least 20 minutes before cleaning.

NEVER use steel wool, knives or harsh abrasives on any part of the oven.

All personnel involved in cleaning kitchen equipment are required to wear the following safety equipment: chemical splash goggles, impervious gloves.

Daily Recommendations

  1. Remove the air filters from each side of the oven by sliding the filter out from the front.
  2. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse and pat dry. Slide the air filters back into position through slots.
  3. Remove food particles from the gap between the rear baffle plate and the floor of the oven with a clean, dry brush.
  4. Remove food particles from between the inside edge of the door and the front of the oven floor using a clean, dry brush.

Weekly Recommendations

  1. Apply non-caustic oven cleaner to interior surfaces except door seals. Leave for the recommended time. Wash off using a clean cloth and plenty of clean, warm water. Dry using a fresh, clean cloth.
  2. Wipe hinges with a clean, damp cloth. DO NOT apply lubricating oil.
  3. Wipe door seals carefully with a clean, damp cloth. Examine for signs of wear or damage.
  4. Clean the control panel and exterior surfaces. Wipe down regularly with a damp cloth.
  5. Clean louvers or grill covering cooling fan on back of machine using a brush.
Tips & Troubleshooting

Microwave not working properly?

  • Make sure the breaker is turned on. If tripped, place a service call to help determine why.
  • Make sure the unit is plugged in.
  • Verify all internal covers are in place.

Food for Thought

Chipped paint on the interior of a microwave oven can expose metal resulting in sparks or arcing during operation.

Dishes that are not microwave safe absorb microwave energy while heating the food. This can increase cook times or result in under-cooked product.

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