Commercial Reach-in Freezer Repair

We know how important it is to keep your reach-in freezer running to protect frozen foods until you’re ready to use them. With over 600 trained technicians ready to help with all of your commercial kitchen equipment repairs, Smart Care Equipment Solutions is here for you. Safety is our top priority while we make sure your commercial reach-in freezer is operating at peak performance.

Smart Care Planned Maintenance Helps Keep your Reach-in Freezer Performing

We understand that your reach-in freezer is an essential piece of equipment in your foodservice operation, helping you supply food to your customers. We also know that large kitchen equipment can be expensive to replace. Our trained service technicians can analyze the problem and help you save money while getting you back up and running. We also offer preventive maintenance plans that can help save you money in the long run by minimizing the chance of inconvenient break-downs that ultimately affect your food service. Thus, keeping you and your customers happy and your business compliant with food regulations.

Reach-in Freezer Planned Maintenance Benefits

  • Reduces airborne bacteria and mold
  • Decreases downtime
  • Helps keep coils and the compressor in running condition
  • Decreases the chance of costly repairs and part replacement
  • Helps to maintain safe temperatures for stored food items
  • Helps ensure better health inspection ratings
  • Helps prevent the evaporator fan from freezing

Smart Care Equipment Solutions Planned Maintenance tailors a maintenance schedule to the needs of your commercial kitchen and equipment. From refrigerators, freezers, coolers, and more we can help provide a proactive maintenance plan to keep your business running efficiently.

Planned Maintenance Check Examples

  • Power checks: cracked wiring, loose wires, and amp calibration
  • Electrical checks: loose or cracked wires, voltage and amp draw calibration
  • Compressor checks: compressors should be cleaned every 90 days, as the cooling component and compressor is a key piece of the reach-in freezer
  • Condenser checks: snug connections, motor wind-down time
  • Evaporator checks: fan movement, free of debris
  • Evaporator fan checks: are you noticing ice build-up? Cleaning and providing maintenance can help keep your food fresh and reduce energy costs
  • Door hinge and gasket checks: proper seal, lubrication

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Serviced

  • Ice Machines
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Reach-in Coolers
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Reach-in Freezers

Brands We Service

We can service many different brands of reach-in freezers. Here are some of the most popular brands we service:

  • Amtecko Industries
  • Arctica Showcase Company
  • Ascend Refrigeration / Jimex Corporation
  • Astor
  • Atlantic Food Bars
  • Automated Equipment LLC
  • Avantec Equipment
  • Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration
  • Carrier
  • Chandler Heatcraft
  • Climate Heatcraft
  • Coldtec
  • Coldzone
  • Cornelius
  • Cospolich, Inc.
  • Crane Merchandising Systems
  • Custom Deli
  • Delhi Industries Inc.
  • Eagle Group
  • Electro Freeze
  • Eloma
  • Fagor
  • Follett Refrigeration
  • FPG refrigeration
  • Frigidaire
  • Galley, Inc.
  • Groen
  • Howard-Mccray Refrigeration
  • Imperial Range
  • Infinity Stainless
  • Italiana Food Tech
  • Kool Star (Standex Food Service)
  • Kool-It
  • Leer Refrigeration
  • Low Temp Manufacturing
  • Market Forge
  • Marlo Manufacturing Co.
  • Marsal & Sons, Inc.
  • Marvel Refrigeration
  • Metalfrio Solutions
  • Migali
  • Minus Forty Technologies Corp
  • Mod-U-Service, Inc.
  • Multiplex
  • Northland Refrigeration
  • Oscartek
  • Peerless Of America
  • Peerless Stove
  • Polar King
  • Power Equipment
  • Ram Center / Automated Equipment, LLC
  • Refcon, Inc.
  • Refrigeration Design Technologies, Inc.
  • Royalton Food Service Equipment Co.
  • Russell
  • Sanyo
  • Schroeder America
  • Servolift
  • Southbend
  • Supera LLC
  • Thermo-Kool
  • True Manufacturing Co Inc
  • Turbo Fan
  • US Refrigeration
  • Viking Commercial
  • Vollrath/Idea Company
  • Wells Manufacturing

Industries We Serve

  • Military Bases
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotels
  • Catering Facilities
  • Corporate Cafeterias
  • School and University Cafeterias
  • Convenience Stores and Food Markets
  • Recreation and Entertainment Venues

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Review recommendations for cooler and freezer cleaning here.

Troubleshooting Tip

Some commonly reported issues with reach-in freezers are ice buildup and temperature issues. Before calling one of our technicians, there are a couple of troubleshooting basics you can do.

  • Unit is freezing up? There could be an issue with the evaporator
  • Is the fan rotating freely?
  • Check for ice build-up on it, melt the ice to see if that resolves the issue
  • Check the controls and pressures – there could be an issue

***Special note: for safety purposes, have a professional technician clean the evaporator and condenser coils

In an emergency, or any time you need maintenance Smart Care Equipment Solutions is here to help. We service a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment from refrigerators and freezers to hot-side commercial kitchen equipment. Call us today to see how we can help keep your kitchen equipment ready to serve!

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